Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We had a beautiful Thanksgiving! What a wonderful week we've had! I hope you enjoy the pictures I included below. Thank you Gayline and George, My half-brother Travis, my brother Todd and his wife, Trish and her 3 children, my parents and my family for making this such a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Can you say Busy???

I wish I could type as fast as my mind is spinning right now. We have so much going on, that I don't even know where to begin. Let's see... we are launching some new, incredible, fabulous products... see below...

Natural Creations Granola (with Montana-grown oats!)
Natural Creations Glacial Melt Hot Sauce (not for the weak!)

We have sent paperwork, packaging approval sheet, etc to the state level for approval and hope to hear back from them early next week. We just received approval for placement in a 4th Costco in Montana, which has their Grand Opening on Nov. 28th. I will be in that warehouse sampling on Dec. 1 and 2. I'm sampling in the Missoula Super Walmart tonight, Missoula Costco tomorrow, cleaning all day Saturday, friends and family arrive Sunday and Monday from Las Vegas to spend Thanksgiving here with us. There will be a total of 13 people here for a week. Whew, lots of people, but lots of fun too! And my parents do all the holiday cooking, so that makes me even happier!

I will be sampling again at the Missoula Costco about 5 days in December, going to a wedding in Portland in December (yay Jenna!), plus starting the marketing on our new products. We are working with a broker in Seattle for our varieties of granola. Plus we have someone who will be redesigning our website so it's much more professional looking and not home-made. We have some huge possibilities with our granola and some other products, and look forward to see how all this comes together.

We are moving back into our own house by February. Everything is good here with my family, but our renters lease expires the end of January, and they want to buy a house, preferably ours. We don't want to sell, so instead of looking for new renters, which usually sucks, we have chosen to move back. And we are all pretty excited about that, and getting back into our familiar neighborhood. We have told our neighbors that we're coming back and it feels so good to us that they are all super excited to have us back. It's nice to be loved. ;)

We have some changes we'll be doing to the house once we move in, and that's of course exciting to us. We love remodeling and making changes. It's never a dull moment around our family. We're always being busy with something or many somethings!

If you haven't watched "Heroes" on Monday night, you're missing out. We haven't watched a weekly program in so long, like in YEARS, but this one is so good. And we watch it together with our House Church community, which is pretty cool. We're all addicted, I admit it.

I need to get organized for sampling at Super Walmart tonight. I hope you have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. I know that I have so much to be thankful for, and I pray you do too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


OK, let's try to share some more pictures. Either I'm computer illiterate, or my computer is slow. Hey be quiet! It's the computer!!! I just know it is!

New friend in Vegas

So, to those of you who know the "Otway" family... thank you for encouraging Cat to call us. I just talked with her for a while and I cannot wait to meet her and her family. They are moving here in December and I can already feel that they will be a blessing to this community and to us as friends.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Glacier National Park, which is 3 hours north of Missoula. I will attach some pictures, I hope, below. Sometimes it doesn't work, but I'll try.

I was going to not blog anymore. But many people have emailed me saying they enjoy reading what is going on with my family and it made me realize that blogging is a great thing.

For those of you who know the Harshman family... please keep them in your prayers as Andy's dad has just passed away. Brent and I have been praying for all of them this morning as we learned of this, and ask you to do the same.

I'm going on a field trip with Ryan's class this morning to a local garden/farm. So, I need to get some pictures downloaded on here and get ready to head out the door.

I hope and pray that you enjoy your day and that you take some time out today to have some quiet time with our Lord, praying for others and basking in His love.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jeremy Camp

Just returned from an incredible concert... Jeremy Camp! Wow, it was great! 4 of us gals went and enjoyed our evening together.

We have SO much going on in our lives right now so this is my "venting time"... I need to unload everything that is running through my head right now.

1) I realize from being at this concert that I in no way spend nearly enough time sitting at the feet of Jesus, resting in His presence, just listening to Him and loving Him... being still.
2) I just bought a new book tonight and I can't wait to start reading it. It's the first time in a long long time that I've picked out a new book (I can't wait to finish blogging so I can start it!).
3) It's 11:58 pm, and I'm getting up at 6:00 am... should be going to bed, not starting my book. But I have to, I just can't wait. AND I'm not tired yet!
4) My best friend in the whole world, Gayline, is hurting and sad right now and I can't be with her to hug her and love her. That makes my heart ache something horrible. Praying over the phone isn't the same as praying together, holding hands, and crying together and getting through hard times together.
5) I am selfish and focused on myself way too much. Time to re-evaluate my focus and my direction, and show more of Christ's love to those around me, to those who don't know him. I am my Lord's servant.
6) I deserve and need a healthy mind, soul, spirit and body... for God's work, my life and role as a wife/mom/sister/daughter...
7) I pray for a day that I am able to see my children accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, and I pray that Brent personally baptizes both of them.

My selfish prayer: We are going to move our salsa facility to Missoula... Lord, where do we even begin? Please guide us and show us...

Good night...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blessings and Laughter

So, we're home from Mexico. What an incredible journey we had! There is so much to share but the most exciting and wonderful part of our time there is 7 people accepted Christ in the villages. My emotions are hard to even try to put into words. I cried so hard for these people, I was so happy for their new decision. It was amazing and beautiful!

On a side note of our Mexico journey, my mom was emailing us the funny things the boys were doing and saying while we were gone. I'm including some of them below. We had little gifts for the boys for each day we were gone. The one big gift we had for them was "Blendy Pens". They've been asking for them for a few months, so I finally ordered them as a surprise for the boys while we were gone. I wish we could've been here just to see the reaction they had.

My parents also had to deal with the basement flooding twice while we were gone. They had to take the carpet out of about 75% of our basement, take out all of our bedroom furniture, our office and closet, plus my parents' office which is also downstairs. And TWICE! What a bleepin mess this has been for them. And my parents did every bit of the clean up themselves. Ugh.

I will post again soon with some pictures of our time in Mexico and some of the people from the 7 who accepted Christ and the 2 house churches that were started. Wow, what a journey this has been!

Kid Quotes:

"I think there's head dents in the ceiling from giving them their Friday gift. They went out of their minds on the Blendy Pens. They've been coloring for over an hour. I just said to them, "I thought you guys didn't even like to color and Bryce said, "What do you think I do for a living?" They are having so much fun with them."

"Oh - I forgot to tell you the funny stuff. Bryce thinks the water is coming out of the lights in your bedroom because everywhere he steps it's wet and there's a light right above that spot! Last night Ryan actually let me snuggle with him (one morning Papa disappeared when he was going to make coffee and when he came in the kitchen he said Ryan was standing in the doorway and said "Papa, will you snuggle me" so Mike snuggled him and he fell back to sleep. Anyway, we were snuggling last night and Ryan said "If you didn't have any clothes on and you didn't have all your naked stuff then you would only have bones". He also got goofy like they do and said something about mushroom teeth (not sure where that came from) and then said "mushroom teeth smell like butt crack". Of course they were hysterical on that one, Bryce was like "go Ryan" and laughing so hard. Then Ryan was laughing and he'd say butt crack and just the word was making him crack up so I finally had to say that's enough about butt cracks."

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We're heading to Mexico this Sunday! We're flying out of Spokane, so we'll be driving over there Saturday evening after Brent gets home from making salsa. We're having a yard sale with some friends from House Church, in their community. There are about 30 other families having yard sales in this community and should be a huge turn out! Time to sell some crap, eh?

We'll be in Mexico for 11 days, the longest we've been away yet. The boys will stay here with my parents. The first week we're gone, the boys finish school. Then they get to hang out with Grandma and Papa and be absolutely spoiled for a week. And some friends will be taking them to a splash park or two around town while we're gone too. I can't believe the boys only have a week left of school. That means Bryce is almost a 4th grader and Ryan is almost a 1st grader. Is that truly possible? Ugh, I feel old. AND I keep finding more little patches of grey hair on my big old head of hair. Yep, feelin' older.

On the hair thing, I have to admit, I'm enjoying having naturally curly hair. I don't think I've ever, in my entire life, enjoyed this head of hair I have. But now it's past my shoulders and a good length to just let it be curly. And it's EASY! Thank you God, for curly hair. I might change my mind tomorrow, but today, thank you.

Holy crud (as Bryce and Ryan say)... it's 11:45 pm... I'm getting up at 6:00 am. That stinks, because I'm not feelin too sleepy just yet. SO, I'm going to go play FreeCell and make myself sleepy. Enjoy your ... well... whatever you're doing. I need to sleep.